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Project Professionals need to Broaden their Skills

According to PMIs Job Growth and Talent Gap report, by 2027, employers will need 87.7 million individuals working in project management–oriented roles, increasing the need for skilled and experienced project and program managers.

Organisations are now looking for project professionals who have the following skills:
  • Strategic Advisor: plans, executes, and delivers
  • Innovator: acts as product owner and developer
  • Communicator: is always clear and concise—no matter the audience
  • Big Thinker: is adaptable, flexible, and emotionally intelligent
  • Versatile Manager: has experience with all approaches—Waterfall, Scrum, Agile, Lean, Design thinking.

  • In order to ensure that you remain relevant, in demand and stand out from your peers, you cannot afford not to attend our Leadership & Business Skills Courses.

    Leadership Essentials 3 Day Course

    Your ability to develop and lead high performance teams is a critical success factor for any business today. Many new and seasoned Managers or Leaders continuously enhance their skill set in areas of coaching, feedback, active listening, conflict, motivation, delegation and effective communication.
    "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."
    -John C. Maxwell
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    The Praxis Framework™: A better way to manage projects

    Praxis is a free, community driven framework which can help you and your organisation realise the intended benefits of projects, programmes and portfolios - keeping stakeholders happy. The Praxis Framework™ is a combination of four types of best practice guidance; Knowledge, Method, Competency and Capability and is the first framework to integrate projects, programmes and portfolios in a single guide.


    Enhance your knowledge, ensure you are using the framework effectively or simply assess your capability with the Praxis Certifications.

    If you are currently using a framework, you will find the courses valuable as the Praxis Framework builds on existing best practice. Those undertaking their first formal training will gain all the knowledge needed to be a modern-day project or programme manager.

    Course Overviews and Dates

    Click here to find out more about the Praxis Foundation Qualification and Practitioner Qualification

    If you would like to book yourself on one of the courses or require more information, email Online Coach
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    "The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority."
    -Ken Blanchard
    Organisational & People Change Management 2 Day Course

    Does your daily job involve enabling change in your organisation? Are you responsible for leading projects/programs or portfolios to ensure the enablement of your organisation’s strategic imperatives? If yes, then you’re a change leader. The question is, how good of a change leader are you? Have you had a ‘successful’ project (in terms of meeting the stakeholders’ scope, time, cost and quality objectives during the project life cycle) go pear-shaped in production / operations? Is Business constantly making your life impossible by digging their heels in at every turn? If yes, then you need to augment skills with specific people skills; people change management skills.
    Strategic Planning & Thinking 2 Day plus 1 Day Course

    Exponential times call for organisations to produce exponential results. In business today, we only have one shot at getting the right things right, the first time. During this course we will explore the critical strategic planning and thinking techniques to ensure you stay on top of your game.
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