Virtual Selling and User Experience Design Thinking Courses
User Experience Design Thinking

Be the creators who actively shape the new reality or become irrelevant.

Global and local enterprises have crumbled because of innovation and disruption Ė either they were too proud, too stubborn, and too blind to change. Ignoring disruption requires little energy and no courage Ė itís the bystanders way out, the easy way out that ends in irrelevance. Do you want to be bystanders or do you want to be creators who actively shape the new reality?

The world has changed and so have your clients, needs, wants and expectations. User Experience or Lean UX design is a mindset, a culture and a process that embraces Agile. UX design extends beyond the traditional analysis role of anticipating how users might interact. Instead, it is a comprehensive view of why a feature exists, the functionality required to implement it, and the benefits it delivers. UX ensures immediate feedback (each sprint) to understand if the system will meet the real business objectives. UX represents a userís perceptions - ease of use, utility, and the effectiveness of the user interface. UX design focuses on a deep understanding of end users.
Virtual Selling Course

Business as usual is no longer. We have to adapt fast. The sales industry finds itself in a time where businesses are banned from travel, cancelled events and switching to remote working and virtual meetings.

Organisations and Sales people are adversely affected by a complete loss of momentum in their sales funnels and to many this may be devastating.

As a seller with numbers to make and remuneration to earn, you must respond to the situation at hand in a manner that supports your commercial priorities and agenda, as well as that of your buyer/s.

The question is, "How do sellers not only maintain the momentum of their opportunities, but where possible, accelerate them?" This is a problem that is worth addressing in a proactive and pragmatic way.
"All disruption starts with introspection"
-Jay Samit
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Courageous Leadership - 2 Day Course

Courageous Leadership is a comprehensive training that introduces courage-building, a practice that guides leaders to meet challenges more readily, embrace change more fully, and speak more assertively. Courage-building is all about developing capable and confident leaders who can transform organizations. Courageous Leadership gives leaders at all levels the foundational skills and abilities they need to become more courageous.

Courageous Leadership is a collection of four skills sets that can be taught, developed, learned and measured.
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